Smart Waste Management System

Sensor Technology

  • iClean Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor (For Fullness Level)
  • Tilt Sensor (Lid Opening, Fallen Bin)
  • Temperature Sensor (Bin temp or Fire detection)
  • GPS (Location)
  • Integrated GPRS/3G
  • Encrypted Data

Mobile Apps

  • Cleaner App
  • Deployment App
  • Drivers App

iClean sensors monitor bin fill level, temperature, the angle and update the cloud.

Information transmitted over network,

  • Fill Level
  • Temperature
  • Battery level
  • Signal Level
  • Service Duration

BLE sensors installed in the bin sync with cleaners handheld devices autonomously sending activity to update the cloud, with no user input needed. (optional extra)

iCleanBin platform, a cloud based application, that collates bin status information, provides optimized route planning, alters and historical data. Jobs are then sent to the drivers using iClean COLLECT.

iCleanBin monitors your collection service and plans routes, report general information, photos, status updated and job activity back to the cloud.

Fire detection package will alert the system manager in the event of the fire being detection in the bin network.