City surveillance with Edge analytics

  • Edge video analytics can help fight crime and protect citizens
  • The evolution of Edge Intelligence has enabled effective city-wide deployment while keeping costs in control
  • Operational costs are reduced with Cameras that offer quick and reliable analytics on the Edge and run video analytics at the edge.
  • Enable quick identification and communication of problems in live view. The systems can not only track the moving objects but also interpret their patterns of behaviors.
  • Camera based Speed radars to monitor & identify speeding vehicles
  • Detect Reckless and negligent driving
  • Non driving in proper lane
  • Wrong direction on one way Roads
  • Edge analytics perform analysis at the point where data is being generated. It’s about analysing in real-time on site.
  • Edge analytics cut the transmission of data cost without impacting the quality of decision in a timely manner

Video Analytics on Edge no need to send data to backend