IT Needs assessment

For many companies, it is premature to start evaluating potential ERP systems without first taking a step back to define an overall enterprise system and IT strategy. An assessment of the current business and technological environments coupled with a definition of business objectives and IT operations is a first step to defining how to address systems going forward.

    Blue Ocean Systems helps organizations define ERP, CRM, enterprise software and IT strategy by facilitating the following consulting activities:
  • Definition of business and IT strategic vision for the next five to ten years.
  • Assessment of the current portfolio of enterprise systems and IT infrastructure.
  • Benchmarking of current strategy and environment with leading domestic and international companies.
  • Cost-benefit assessment of portfolio of current enterprise systems.
  • Cost-benefit and ROI analysis for potential replacement systems, such as ERP, CRM, financials, accounting, supply chain management, manufacturing and other core enterprise systems
  • Evaluation of potential IT and enterprise system options
  • Development of five-year roadmap for ERP and IT implementation and benefits realization