Collaboration and strategic alliances enable us to provide comprehensive solutions and single window for our clients

Dolphin’s Process Tracking System for AP (PTS-AP) is an SAP-certified solution that automates the receipt of invoices and data into the SAP and has easy-to-use dashboards enabling greater visibility into the AP process. PTS-AP is tightly integrated with SAP and utilizes the SAP NetWeaver Business Workflow engine, SAP ArchiveLink technology and third-party content management solutions. This unique architecture enables AP users to stay within the SAP application to record or review transaction records, while non-SAP approvers can still access invoices and perform coding and approvals using email and a Web-based interface.

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The solution supports manufacturing planning, control and implementation in small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in different ways – as much as necessary and as little as necessary – exactly enough to ensure that the desired efficiency and flexibility are retained. The structure of the manufacturing order is at the centre of attention. It provides information at all times about the planning status implementation progress. Manufacturing orders from systems or machines with customer-specific adaptations can, for example, be drafted, planned, released and manufactured stepwise/overlapping.

The media industry is a fast-paced environment, driven by constant innovation. Media customers have to accomplish more things in less time, all the time, in order to keep ahead of the competition and achieve satisfactory profitability.

IT solutions for

  • TV and broadcasting,
  • publishing
  • entertainment

An enterprise-class open source operating system with flexibility, efficiency, and control. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the solution across a broad range of hardware architectures, hypervisors, and clouds.



The best run businesses run SAP. Blue Ocean Systems has been a recognized SAP partner since 2006;the relationship with SAP has grown across markets as we expanded our footprint to serve our customers.

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The smart planet initiative by IBM; a global concept has direct impact on smart and forward thinking enterprises. We have a strong partnership with IBM to bring their enterprise technology and financial solutions to support our customers.

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Professional’s need to access business information on the go, whenever they want and wherever they may be. Deciding to empower your company with mobile technology is easy. The difficult part is to execute the mobile strategy in the most optimum and efficient manner. Your key requirement is to enable enterprise mobility at the shortest possible time combined with quality, efficiency, adoptability and cost. At Celstra, the sole mission is to convert you’re this “go - mobile” goal into an effective solution, bringing forth a step change in your business performance – thru the use of mobile technology.

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Allied Digital is well renowned as a leading Global IT Transformation Architect, with an impeccable track record for designing, developing, deploying and delivering end-to-end IT Infrastructure services.

With over two decades of proven experience Allied Digital responsibly delivers cutting-edge IT services and solutions to a wide range of industries spanning 35 countries across 5 continents.

Our inherent capabilities built on the philosophy of '3S' (Smart People, Smart Processes, Smart Technology); provides the strong foundation for a best-in-class Integrated Service Delivery Framework which consistently augments our overall value creation proposition to our clients; both effectively and efficiently.

As a trusted partner with wide range of service capabilities and state-of-the-art global command centres, Allied Digital help clients transform and succeed in challenging environments by making better IT decisions.

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