SAP Procurement and Spend Performance Management solutions

Strategic Procurement is a critical aspect of running a global business. The Procurement Function has come of age in the recent years and the focus has moved away from the procurement transaction to how an organization will develop and deploy their overall procurement strategy across direct and indirect purchases. This has a direct impact on the selection and choice of Suppliers; the nature of the procurement contract and the method of negotiation. With the recent volatility across global markets, the process of Supplier evaluation, appointment, management and review has become critical.

Access to a global pool of suppliers has become critical to success and SAP’s Business Supplier Network is now available for both SAP and non SAP customers opening a large, global pool of suppliers to the organization.

Spend Performance Management solutions from SAP allow the business to analyse their behaviour across spend categories and focus their energy on big impact areas.
Sourcing Services around Procurement help organizations deliver valuable savings by providing expertise wherever necessary to target savings for the organization.

  • SAP SRM - Many organizations have grown to multiple locations and have procurement teams that operate at a global level. This makes it difficult to develop and deploy procurement strategies. SAP SRM provides a functionally rich solution that can help automate the entire procure to pay processes of theorganization. Several benefits accrue to the organization on account of having a SAP SRM solution.
    • Boost contract spending and enforce compliance with procurement guidelines. With our supplier relationship management software, you can automate, simplify, and accelerate your business' procure-to-pay processes for goods and services.
    • Reduce procurement costs by closing the loop from source to pay
    • Streamline the purchase of goods and services
    • Automate operational processes to reduce purchasing errors, eliminate manual tasks, and avoid maverick buying
    • Build collaborative supplier relationships and integrate suppliers into your procurement processes
    • Accelerate procurement order and invoicing cycle time
    • Get the spend visibility you need to proactively identify savings opportunities, reduce supplier risk, and lower spend. Our spend performance management software provides comprehensive reporting and process functionality – for smarter purchasing decisions throughout your organization.
    • Integrate spend data to improve the timeliness and accuracy of your information
    • Reduce risk by uncovering single-supplier dependencies and monitoring contract compliance
    • Improve efficiency and security with a closed-loop process for sourcing and spend management
    • Increase spend under management by establishing performance targets
    • Support international trade compliance with debarred supplier visibility
    • Optimize strategy by performing sourcing and spend what-if simulations
    • Developing a large and diverse supplier base is a difficult task for any organization.
    • Beyond indirect materials, each company requires specialized skills, services and resources to deliver world class products.
    • Developing a global supplier network to service your organizations requirements is a daunting task and requires years to build and develop.
    • SAP brings you Business Supplier Network, a global base of suppliers that can be integrated to your organization that will help you accelerate your access to world class suppliers.